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2008 CEBIT Exhibition in Hanoverian,Germany

      On March 1, 2008, the China Great Wall Computer as one of the national brands, went to Hanoverian, Germany, to participate in the grand electronic event CEBIT exhibition. This time, China Electronics Corporation organized the delegation group to attend the exhibition; the peer exhibitors were the CEC’s Panda Electronics, Great Wall Information, SED Science and Technology, and Huada Electronics.

      On March 4, local time in Germany, the much anticipated exhibition CEBIT finally began, German Chancellor Ms. Merkel, also attended the opening ceremony. CeBIT, the most important business platform in the IT circle, has the most important international forum for information and communication technology and a wide range of media influence, has been hailed as the most important exhibition for the whole digital industry. At the 2008 exhibition there were six major themes, which distributed in 27 halls, including business applications, communications, digital equipment and systems, banking and finance, public utilities, and future, etc.. 6000 exhibitors from more than 70 countries participated in the exhibition.

      The exhibition lasted 6 days. Every morning Hanoverian Exhibition Center opened its doors to meet the worldwide professional buyers coming, with babel of voices and constant flow of people.The CEC Group located at the B04 booth in the 21st exhibition hall, with total area of 167 square meters, was the masterpiece among many domestic brands. The CEC Group unified image of the exterior identification norms, and highlighted the corporate characteristic of different brands, with overall simplicity and fashion elements. The technology blue ray running through the exhibition hall, as if shows the endless flame in the competition of China’s national brands in the world market. As the important brands of the CEC exhibition group, Great wall’s exhibits were all specially selected through preliminary sorting. And there were no lack of individualities and new developed products. Exhibits included LCD TV, LCD MONITOR, LAPTOP, PC, POWER SUPPLY, DIGITAL FRAME and GPS, and so on. The rich production lines, the diversified products, and the research and development capabilities of independent innovation displayed the vitality of our national brands to the overseas clients, and also established a solid foundation for further expanding of the overseas markets.

      The Great Wall Computer appointed eight staff, who received the professional buyers from different countries, such as France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore and India. The enterprise image of Professional Manufacture of the Great Wall Computer not only displayed its brand strength to partners, but also enhanced the brand recognition for many high grade potential buyers.

      During the exhibition, monitors and TV attracted more than 50 interested clients. The most powerful distributors and system operators from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland and other countries, booked their sales meetings for negotiating the intention of further cooperation. More than 10 distributors or system operators finalized the negotiating time. The potential overseas orders were expected to reach 30000-50000 sets in a single month between 2008 and 2009. The new 10.2” notebook was the focus of the scene, attracted numerous eyes, and predicted the potential European market. 36 power high quality professional buyers were received, including 5-star key customers from Dubai and the United Kingdom who confirmed the cooperation intention through the further in-depth communication. At the same time, our staff negotiated with our old customer, the Germany LC POWER and Turkey METRO. The expected orders in 2008 will reach 20,000 sets per month. The Korea 3R System company will place 8000 orders from the second half of 2008. For the consumption digital products, 16 prospective customers were received. Singapore customer intended to purchase 30000-40000 sets. The Netherlands customer is expected to buy 500-1000 sets. The United Kingdom customer is expected to buy 80000-100000 sets of 7”, 30000 sets of 8” and 10000 sets of 10.2” of the digital frames since the second half year of 2008. At the same time, old customer Germany NovitA is expected to place new orders of 3000 sets of 8”. Greece Turbox has ordered the sample of the new 10.2” to develop market in Greece, and has placed new orders of 1000-2000 sets of existing 8”. As requested by many old and new customers, all of the exhibited samples were sold at the scene after the end of the exhibition, including eight monitors, four 50’ PDP, five TV, two laptops, two PC and 6 power supply.

      At the same time the Great Wall staff also received the development trends of the forefront brands. Monitor brands such as the Korea SAMSUNG, both in industrial design and product technology, or in the ultra-performance technical parameters, can show the strength and the brand image. The product series are complete, including 15.6”, 17Y”, 17”, 19Y”, 19”, 20”, 20Y”, 21.6”, 22”, 24”, 26” (25.5”), 27”and 30”. While the AUSU products concentrate in the mainstream products series such as 24”, 22”, 21.6”, 19”, 19Y”, 17”. On the structural design, SAMSUNG completed the technical upgrading again. The product series of 19Y”-58” (including TV products) completed the injection with double materials of ABS and Acrylic. On electronics, in addition to the advantage of the basic PANEL parameters (color saturation, etc.), SAMSUNG products also have three advantages: 20000:1 dynamic contrast, the USB interface image signal transmission mode and master & slave screen displays. The TV product series of SAMSUNG cover all sizes from 19” to 82” because of their PANEL advantages. 40" and 46” are the mainstay among the 40-50” products due to the economic cutting problem of the PANEL product series. While the LG enterprises take 42” and 47” products as the mainstay. Larger sizes have not entered the mainstream at present. TECHNISAT concentrates in the several mainstream sizes of 22”, 32”, 37”, 40”.Everyday receiving lots of customers, in addition to professional sales personnel, Guo Bin, the general manager of the technology development center and Zeng Hongyu, the general manager of consumption electronics industry, also rushed to the forefront of sales negotiations. All of us did not want to miss this rare face-to-face communication opportunity. Through the direction communication with professional buyers, we knew customer’s requirement in more detail and established the opportunities for further cooperation.

      At 9:30 in the morning on March 6, the president Zhou Gensheng and the vice president Ji Yong of the Great Wall Computer appeared in front of everybody in our booth regardless of the long-distance aircraft fatigue. They were warmly welcomed. At the same time president Zhou and vice president Yu met and discussed with many important customers of the international center in a cordial atmosphere during the exhibition, and composed a perfect prelude for further cooperation of international strategy.

      The Germany CEBIT exhibition had a successful ending on March 9. Through this exhibition, the Great Wall Computer as the new image enhanced the international reputation, at the same time got to know a lot of potential international partners, and opened a new chapter for expanding the overseas market in 2008.

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